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Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology 3/E+CD
- 編號: 0-0001985082479
- 作者:Cameron
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Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology,Third Edition
Edited by Alex M. A. Davison, J. Stewart Cameron, Jean-Pierre Grunfeld, Claudio Ponticelli, Charles Van Ypersele, Eberhard Ritz, and Christopher Winearls
With Subject Editors Martin Barratt, James Ritter, and Jan Weening
Price: £395.00 (Hardback)
Publication date: 6 January 2005
2512 pages,
Numerous colour illustrations throughout, 276mm x 219mm
From reviews of the previous edition:
'All in all, these volumes should prove a useful addition to most clinicians' libraries, for easy reference, leisurely reading and serious study. The recommendation remains an unequivocal: buy.' -Journal of the American Medical Association
'Does the book fulfil the editors' intentions to 'produce a text of value to those with clinical responsibility for patients with renal disease?' The answer is unequivocally yes... excellent quality of the text... uniformity between chapters... references are relevant, important and up-to-date. Every specialist embarking on higher specialist training should make an investment which will be amply repaid.' -Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London
'The level of scholarship is as imposing as the book's physical proportions. Some of the best minds in Nephrology from six continents are represented.' -The Lancet
A new edition of the most highly respected European textbook of clinical nephrology
Illustrated in colour throughout
Comprehensively updated and evidence-based
Marries scientific advances with clinical management
Numerous clinical management algorithms
Integrated CD-ROM
New to this edition
New chapters on: age and renal disease, nephrology as practised in countries of different stages of socio-economic development, evidence-based nephrology, clinical outcomes, clinical audit and moral and ethical issues

Unequivocally the most relevant and important European textbook of clinical nephrology. This is the most authoritative, well written and comprehensive textbook of clinical nephrology combining the clinical aspects of renal disease important for the daily clinical practice whilst giving extensive information about the underlying basic science and current evidence available.

This new edition highlights the numerous changes in clinical management that have arisen as a result of recently concluded clinical trials and there are now specific formal guidelines for optimal treatment of patients. Each section of the textbook has been critically and comprehensively edited under the auspices of one of the leading experts in the field.

The text for this third edition has been ruthlessly edited, balanced, updated and pitched at the adult nephrologist. The emphasis throughout is on marrying advances in scientific research with clinical management. Where possible treatment algorithms are included to aid patient care.

By comparison with other texts, Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology has more than average coverage of paediatric issues. For this edition there has been increased focus on age and renal disease, nephrology as practised in countries of different stages of socio-economic development, evidence-based nephrology, clinical outcomes, clinical audit and moral and ethical issues.

Richly illustrated throughout in full colour this is truly a modern and attractive edition with comprehensive coverage of everything that has to do with clinical nephrology written by the world's experts in the respective fields.

A major advantage is inclusion of a fully searchable CD-ROM packaged with this edition.

Readership: Practising clinical nephrologists and those in training.

Section 1: Assessment of the patient with renal disease (Editor: J.-P. Grunfeld)
1.1 Alex M. Davison, J.-P. Grünfeld & Maggie Fitzpatrick: History and clinical examination of the patient with renal disease
1.2 Giovanni B. Fogazzi: Urinalysis and microscopy
1.3 Gerard Friedlander & Dominique Prié: The clinical assessment of renal function
1.4 Peter R. F. Dear & Simon J. Newell: Renal function in the newborn infant
1.5 Juan F. Macías Núñez & J. Stewart Cameron: The aging kidney
1.6.1 Imaging techniques in nephrology
1.6.2 Imaging strategies in clinical nephrology
Section 2: The patient with fluid, electrolyte, and divalent ion disorders (Editor: C. van Ypersele)
2.1 Nicolaos E. Madias & Horacio J. Adrogué: Hypo-hypernatraemia: disorders of water balance
2.2 Richard L. Tannen & Kenneth R. Hallows: Hypo-hyperkalaemia
2.3 Neveen A. T. Hamdy & John A. Kanis: Hypo-hypercalcaemia
2.4 Gerard Friedlander & C. Silve: Hypo-hyperphosphataemia
2.5 John H. Dirks: Hypo-hypermagnesaemia
2.6 Robert G. Narins, Biff Palmer & Jerry Yee: Clinical acid-base disorders
Section 3: The patient with glomerular disease (Editor: J. S. Cameron)
3.1 Wilhelm Kriz & Marlies Elger: The renal glomerulus - the structural basis of ultrafiltration
3.2 John Feehally, John Savill, Jüergen Floege & Neil Turner: Glomerular injury and glomerular response
3.3 J. Stewart Cameron: The patient with proteinuria/or haematuria
3.4 Raymond A. M. G. Donckerwolke & J. Stewart Cameron: The nephrotic syndrome: pathophysiology, management, and complications
3.5 Patrick Niaudet & Alain Meyrier: Minimal change and focal segmental glomerular sclerosis
3.6 Francesco Paolo Schena & Rosanna Coppo: IgA nephropathies
3.7 Dan Cattran & Heather Reich: Membranous nephropathy
3.8 Vijay Kher & Sanjeev Gulati: Mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis
3.9 Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe: Acute endocapillary glomerulonephritis
3.10 Charles D. Pusey & Jeremy Levy: Crescentic glomerulonephritis
3.11 Neil Turner & A. J. Rees: Antiglomerular basement disease
3.12 Philippe Lesavre & Alex M. Davison: Infection related glomerulonephritis
3.13 Alex M. Davison & Barrie Hartley: Malignancy associated glomerular disease
3.14 Kirpal S. Chugh & Vivekanand Jha: Glomerular disease in the tropics
Section 4: The kidney in systemic disease (Editor: J. S. Cameron)
4.1 Ralf Dikow & Eberhard Ritz: The patient with diabetes mellitus
4.2 The patient with amyloid or immunotactoid glomerulopathy
4.3 Pierre M. Ronco, Pierre Aucouturier & Béatrice Mougenot: Kidney involvement in plasma cell dyscrasias
4.4 Jean-Philippe Méry: The patient with sarcoidosis
4.5 The patient with vasculitis
4.6 Antonio Tarantino: The patient with mixed cryoglobulinaemia and hepatitis C infection
4.7 The patient with systemic lupus erythematosus
4.8 Carol Black & Christopher P. Denton: The patient with scleroderma-systemic sclerosis
4.9 Paul Emery & Dwomoa Adu: The patient with rheumatoid arthritis, mixed connective tissue disease, or polymyositis
4.10 Patrick Venables: The patient with Sjogren's syndrome and overlap syndromes
4.11 Ralph Caruano: The patient with sickle cell disease
4.12 The patient exposed to substance misuse, organic solvents, and smoking
Section 5: The patient with tubular disease (Editor: C. van Ypersele)
5.1 Robert J. Unwin & David G. Shirley: The structure and function of tubules
5.2 G. Haycock: Isolated defects of tubular function
5.3 William Van't Hoff: Fanconi syndrome
5.4 Nicolaos E. Madias & Horacio J. Adrogué: Renal tubular acidosis
5.5 Nine Knoers, Patrick Starremans & L. A. H. Moonens: Hypokalaemic tubular disorders etc
5.6 Daniel G. Bichet & Michael Zellweger: Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
Section 6: The patient with chronic interstitial disease (Editor: C. van Ypersele)
6.1 Frank Strutz, Gerhard A. Müller & Claudia Muller: Mechanisms of interstitial inflammation
6.2 Wolfgang Pommer & Marc De Broe: Analgesic nephropathy
6.3 Dwomoa Adu & Wai Y. Tse: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the kidney
6.4 J. Stewart Cameron & H. A. Simmonds: Uric acid and the kidney
6.5 Richard P. Wedeen & M. De Broe: Nephrotoxic metals
6.6 Eric P. Cohen: Radiation nephropathy
6.7 Vladisav Stefanovic & J. P. Cosyns: Balkan nephropathy
6.8 Charles van Ypersele & J. P. Cosyns: Chinese Herbs (and other rare causes of interstitial nephropathy)
Section 7: The patient with urinary tract infection (Editor: C. Ponticelli)
7.1 W. R. Cattell: Lower and upper urinary tract infections in the adult
7.2 Heather J. Lambert & Malcolm G. Coulthard: Urinary tract infections in infancy and childhood
7.3 John B. Eastwood, J. M. Grange & Catherine M. Corbishley: Renal tuberculosis and other Mycobacterial Infections
7.4 Rashad Barsoum: Schistosomiasis
7.5 K. L. Gupta: Fungal infections and the kidney
Section 8: The patient with renal stone disease (Editor: C. Ponticelli)
8.1 Hans-Göran Tiselius: Aetiological factors in stone formation
8.2 David S. Goldfarb & Fredric L. Coe: The medical management of stone disease
8.3 Hugh Whitfield & Suresh. K. Gupta: The surgical management of renal stones
8.4 Oliver Wrong: Nephrocalcinosis
8.5 William Van't Hoff: Renal and urinary tract stone disease in children
Section 9: The patient with renal hypertension (Editor: E. Ritz)
9.1 Karlhans Endlich: The structure and function of blood vessels
9.2 Robert Wilkinson & Alison L. Brown: Clinical approach to hypertension
9.3 Luis Ruilope: The kidney and control of blood pressure
9.4 Ulrich Wenzel & Udo Helmchen: The effects of hypertension on renal vasculature and structure
9.5 Parmit Choudry & John Scoble: Ischaemic nephropathy
9.6 Michael Schömig & Ralf Dikow: Hypertension and unilateral renal parenchymal disease
9.7 J. F. E. Mann, B. Krumme, J. R. Allenberg & I. Dulau-Florea: Renovascular hypertension
9.8 Eberhard Ritz & Ralf Dikow: Malignant hypertension
9.9 Wolfgang Rascher: The hypertensive child
Section 10: Acute renal failure (Editor: C. Winearls)
10.1 Ciaran Doherty: Epidemiology of acute renal failure
10.2 Norbert Lameire & Raymond Vanholder: Acute renal failure: pathophysiology and prevention
10.3 J. Firth: The clinical approach to the patient with acute renal failure
10.4 Claudio Ronco, Vincenzo D'Intini & Rinaldo Bellomo: Renal replacement methods in acute renal failure
10.5 G. Seyffart: Dialysis and haemoperfusion treatment of acute poisoning
10.6 Special acute renal failure problems
10.7 Acute renal failure in a special setting
Section 11: The patient with failing renal function (Editors: E. Ritz and C. Winearls)
11.1 A. Meguid El Nahas: Mechanisms of experimental and clinical renal scarring
11.2 Michael J. D. Cassidy & P. M. Ter Wee: Assessment and initial management of the patient with failing renal function
11.3 The patient with uraemia
Section 12: The patient on dialysis (Editor: C. Winearls)
12.1 Vincenzo Cambi, Salvatore David & Dante Tagliavini: Dialysis strategies
12.2 Kazuo Ota: Vascular access
12.3 Karl M. Koch, Christopher Olbricht & Gerhard Lonnemann: Haemodialysis, haemofiltration, and complications of technique
12.4 Ram Gokal & A. Hutchison: Peritoneal dialysis and complications of technique
12.5 James Tattersall: Adequacy of dialysis
12.6 Claude Jacobs: Medical management of the dialysis patient
12.7 Richard Weiner: Psychological aspects of treatment for renal failure
Section 13: The transplant patient (Editor: A. M. Davison)
13.1 Andries Hoitsma & Lukas B. Hilbrands: Selection and Preparation of the recipient
13.2 Transplant immunology
13.3 Michael Nicholson: Surgery and surgical complications
Section 14: Specific problems in chronic renal insufficiency (Editor: E. Ritz)
14.1 Uwe Querfeld: Chronic renal failure in children
14.2 J. Stewart Cameron & Juan F. Macías Núñez: Chronic renal failure in the elderly
14.3 Eberhard Ritz & Ralf Dikow: The diabetic patient with impaired renal function
Section 15: The pregnant patient (Editor: A. M. Davison)
15.1 C. Baylis & John M. Davison: The normal renal physiological changes which occur during pregnancy
15.2 John M. Davison: Renal complications that may occur in pregnancy
15.3 John M. Davison & C. Baylis: Pregnancy in patients with underlying renal disease
15.4 Ian Greer: Pregnancy-induced hypertension
Section 16: The patient with inherited disease (Editor: J.-P. Grunfeld)
16.1 Friedhelm Hildebrandt & Edgar Otto: Strategies for the investigation of inherited renal disease
16.2 Cystic diseases
16.3 Corinne Antignac & Remi Salomon: Nephronophthisis
16.4 Inherited glomerular diseases
16.5 Inherited metabolic diseases of the kidney
16.6 Hartmut P. H. Neumann, Elizabeth Petri Henske, Sven Glaesker & Othon Iliopoulos: Renal involvement in tuberous sclerosis and von Hippel-Lindau disease
16.7 J.-P. Grünfeld and J. Stewart Cameron: Some rare syndromes with renal involvement
Section 17: The patient with structural and congenital abnormalities (Editor: J.-P. Grunfeld)
17.1 Seppo Vainio: The development of the kidney and renal dysplasia
17.2 Kate Verrier Jones: Vesicoureteric reflux and reflux nephropathy
17.3 Magdi Yaqoob & I. Junaid: The patient with urinary tract obstruction
17.4 Wolfgang Rascher & Wolfgang H. Rösch: Congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract
17.5 J. Stewart Cameron: Medullary sponge kidney
Section 18: The patient with malignancy of the kidney and urinary tract (Editor: A. M. Davison)
18.1 Manuel Urrutia Avisrror: Renal carcinoma and other tumours
18.2 Chris Mitchell: Wilms' tumour
18.3 Peter Whelan: Tumours of the renal pelvis and ureter
18.4 William H. Turner & Robert Mills: Tumours of the bladder
18.5 Philip Smith: Tumours of the prostate
Section 19: Pharmacology and drug use in kidney patients (Editor: J. Ritter)
19.1 Marc E. de Broe: Drug-induced nephropathies
19.2 David Carmichael: Handling of drugs in kidney disease
19.3 August Heidland, Rainer Greger, Florian Lang & Katarina Sebekova: Action and clinical use of diuretics

Authors, editors, and contributors

Edited by Alex M. A. Davison, Emeritus Professor of Renal Medicine, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK, J. Stewart Cameron, Emeritus Professor of Renal Medicine, Guy's, King's & St Thomas' School of Medicine, London, UK, Jean-Pierre Grunfeld, Professor of Nephrology, Hopital Necker, Paris, France, Claudio Ponticelli, Professor and Director, Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Istituto Scientifico Ospedale Maggiore di Milano, Italy, Charles Van Ypersele, Propfessor of Medicine, University of Louvain Medical School, Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc, Brussels, Belgium, Eberhard Ritz, Emeritus Professor of Nephrology, University of Heidelberg, Germany, and Christopher Winearls, Consultant Nephrologist, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, Oxford, UK

With Subject Editors Martin Barratt, Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Nephrology, UK, James Ritter, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Guy's, King and St Thomas' School of Medicine, London, UK, and Jan Weening, Professor of Renal Pathology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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